Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Exercise #23

Looking back over the few weeks of Web 2.0, is that all it's been-only kidding! There were a few times when I have been frustrated when the minds gone blank and been helpfully set back on the right path. What with work lost and at the beginning of even knowing where to post something and how many screens to have up! But once all that was overcome and confidence in ceased, I really got into it, which of course was the object.
My favourite sites I found myself wandering off on were, of course YouTube, and many of the sites where you could discover old books. I was so pleased with myself when I was able to embed a video to my Blog site. Even adding one of my own photos. I feel that's at least one thing the patrons will ask about.My least favourite was definitely Rollyo-I did'nt like the site or the need to access your Yahoo account and all the personal details to join. In saying that, the ones I found the hardest, were the ones I felt I have learnt the most from.
Look at all the new jargon we throw around when discussing the 23 exercises, pretty flash.
You simply have to remember not to believe everything you read on the net and to proceed with caution.

Exercise #22

As already discussed in Exercise #21, we searched Auckland City Library and Rotorua Library to see just how well they'd adapted to sending out information to certain sections of society.
I wonder how do you judge just who it is reaching, and the response to the new technology.
Is all this information only capturing a certain age group, and if so, how to introduce all of this to the people who will not even now, use a self-check machine.
I looked at a couple of the American Libraries sites in MySpace and teens slot but found it not very inspiring to carry on searching.
The question remains, just how safe is the Internet, with everyone pouring out their personal information. There is definitely a real need for privacy and protection.
I admit the new technology has it's place, but lets not loose the personal touch and the books themselves in the stampede.

Exercise #21

Not into pouring my feelings in the electronic media, can't quite 'get' the concept, but still had a good look-see at the sites suggested.
I did cruise through the Auckland City Libraries-Bebo-and was not as impressed as I was with Rotorua's page. I guess it really depends on the web designer to catch the eye.
I do like the idea that it's saying the library is not a stuffy place anymore.

Exercise #20

Spent a bit of time going through the different sites. Didn't find Amazon's Kindle very user friendly. Loved LibriVox's slogan 'acoustical liberation of books in the public domain'..oh, I suppose I do agree, e-books have their place. Imagine-sitting on a long , mindless trip-through the underground etc, with a book downloaded to your palm organizer or phone! I was very impressed by what I found in Project Gutenburg. Not only books-but they also offered CD and DVD downloads and digitized sheet music-you see, something for everyone.
The e-book could really be useful for housebound and disabled people.
I explored 'As you like it' by Will Shakespeare, just to test it and found it very quick and easy.
Here's hoping nothing completely replaces the texture and smell of a good book.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Nagoya Garden

This was a sight we woke-up to the next morning.

Exercise #19

Although I searched all of the sites listed, I thought Yahoo audio search the most useful, after tracking quite a few performers and what was listed to listen to.It was a very clear site to follow. The site that less impressed me was podcast Pickle, simply didn't like the look of it.I have heard of radio podcasts being available, especially the Radio New Zealand National and Radio New Zealand Concert stations, I plan to explore these later. They have excellent articles, concerts and interviews.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Exercise #18

I think library videos would be helpful if they were informative. I choose this video animator vs animation for a bit of fun with millennium. The national library video looked like a site students may use.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

exercise #17

I decided to take a look at a subject I know a lot af our patrons enjoy, I see them on our computers as I move around the library, tracing their family historys.
MyHeritage is the site I think would be a useful tool. I could see this being added to our library sites.
I liked it's layout and easy access. Seems quite fun to tag people plus their memories.

Exercise #16

Trying out the Zoho Writer and it seemed ages before I found a way to open an account.
I can see that having all you information in one place may be useful or you could simply have a blackberry. It seems familiar to publisher, which I suppose is helpful.

Exercise #15

I'm afraid I didn't find this site very inspiring. Don't think I would ever recommend this to anyone, found it very confusing and annoying.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Exercise #14

Now here's a site I could get lost in. Couldn't wait for the interesting sounding ancientlibrary to come up, will certainly be investigating that one in the future.
Must admit, I can see how this site could be useful for small businesses, I still like the feel and smell of the real thing.

The power to believe

Beach custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more - Now you're talking. This was a site I think could be very useful, it's very user friendly.Really enjoyed searching through the webfetti and jigsaw sites. Discovered Myth-weavers, a dungeons and dragons style site, if anyone is interested in these.Look forward in future to going back to comic strip and learning more.

Exercise# 12

At my first attempt into the world of SandBox it was a mild distraction to discover I could not access the NSL Learning Wetpaint wiki.. So on down the list, where I found the wetpaint demonstration very helpful in understanding where I was.
What a gret way of sharing information.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Exercise #11

My first wiki site was the Princeton Public Library and Oh heaven..a book lovers wiki, very well set out, interesting to see they also had a book lovers summer reading club, along with the library newsletter. They're library lounge blog was most interesting.
After looking at a few of the other sites listed: such as the library success, was most impressed by there community info and guides.I could see a site setup with walks and places of interest for visitors.

Exercise #10

There you can see an exciting future ahead. The interaction, not only between libraries throughout New Zealand, but also the world, at the click of the mouse.
Visiting the Santa Monica Library site, I found it very user friendly with the ability to download audio books to your PC or MP3 player.
So many ideas we can incorporate into our system.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Exercise: 9

Just having completed Technorati and realised that the postings are so quickly updated. For instance: opposing views which could be useful for patrons questions.
The difference between the authority link and the popular link were interesting, I must explore these later.
The site looked very American at first glance so decided to investigate anything about the New Zealands political situation and discovered information on Winston Peters that had been posted 30 minutes before.. yes!!!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Exercise: 7

At the time of exploring the different RSS feeds I think I would definitely go back to the news site, and maybe find some others along those lines.Too long winded to take the time when at the reference desk etc.. So many things to explore, so little time!

Exercise: 8 and Delicious

Now this is a really interesting site. Discovered FeedBurner, another Google help centre, where through subscription you can have regular updates delivered through whichever portal you desire.Then I found pingmag-for online shopping in Japan and oh so much more. I wandered off on various sites, such as the exhibition of 100 Postcards in Tokyo.Thought the design and building of a Japanese garden may be very useful for patrons when these enquiries are made.Even had a look at Wikipedia Delicious website, simply to discover the history.Have to go to bed or I would certainly be exploring alot longer.