Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Exercise #20

Spent a bit of time going through the different sites. Didn't find Amazon's Kindle very user friendly. Loved LibriVox's slogan 'acoustical liberation of books in the public domain'..oh, I suppose I do agree, e-books have their place. Imagine-sitting on a long , mindless trip-through the underground etc, with a book downloaded to your palm organizer or phone! I was very impressed by what I found in Project Gutenburg. Not only books-but they also offered CD and DVD downloads and digitized sheet music-you see, something for everyone.
The e-book could really be useful for housebound and disabled people.
I explored 'As you like it' by Will Shakespeare, just to test it and found it very quick and easy.
Here's hoping nothing completely replaces the texture and smell of a good book.

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