Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Exercise #23

Looking back over the few weeks of Web 2.0, is that all it's been-only kidding! There were a few times when I have been frustrated when the minds gone blank and been helpfully set back on the right path. What with work lost and at the beginning of even knowing where to post something and how many screens to have up! But once all that was overcome and confidence in ceased, I really got into it, which of course was the object.
My favourite sites I found myself wandering off on were, of course YouTube, and many of the sites where you could discover old books. I was so pleased with myself when I was able to embed a video to my Blog site. Even adding one of my own photos. I feel that's at least one thing the patrons will ask about.My least favourite was definitely Rollyo-I did'nt like the site or the need to access your Yahoo account and all the personal details to join. In saying that, the ones I found the hardest, were the ones I felt I have learnt the most from.
Look at all the new jargon we throw around when discussing the 23 exercises, pretty flash.
You simply have to remember not to believe everything you read on the net and to proceed with caution.

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NSL Learning 2.0 team said...

Well done! Very thoughtful remarks you made in this post. And congratulations on your achievement!